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Cast onto this soil for no reason.
Life seems to sprout with no underlying meaning.
Locked in a constant struggle with impending mortality.

Withering souls,
thou shalt cast an offspring.
Cast unto its fate.
We will denounce anyone who questions the will of the great.

Seek no more, we have all the answers one could ever wish to possess.
Seek no more, we have all the answers.
So get on your knees, my child, and start to confess.

This is the death of reasoning.
Divide and conquer the blind.
But in our hearts we know that we are one.

This is the death of reasoning.
Confine and bury your mind.
When in our hearts we know that we are one.

We are one.

In search of safety,
in lifeless numbers and half hearted sermons.
Will we ever be renegades?
Pick it up!

Trusting your own understanding means finding a path worth believing.
The word of your chosen one will not always lead you towards.


Show me the answers, oh, deliverance. Show me the answers.

Withering souls, am I forsaken?
Condemned to a life without a meaning?

Life and death will intertwine,
leading me astray from all I know.

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