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My God, what am I doing here?! What the Hell am I thinking!
Well, it's not so clear... It's not so clear.
You lay next to me and you look in my eyes.
Well, I'll try to forgive... It just depends on the night.
I can't provide what was never out there.
We sleep restlessly through the middle of our lives
and we count all the starts like we're ever gonna fly.
I can't rely on your sweet ambition.
We teach kids not to play with fire.
And we teach them how to pray on their knees.
We teach sons how to marry our daughters.
And we teach sons how to spread their seed.
Oh Lord, this is absolutely revolting.
And at the same time I find it... Hilarious.
God, please pluck her teeth out.
I know it's sick to say, I know I've gone stray.
God, please pluck her teeth out.
Cause this will never end nor go away.
She'll never see unless you sway...
I believe that I've gotten this all wrong...
And I can not pretend, I'd never hear the end of it...

Text přidal LRyuzaki

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