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Everyone's A Jerk But Me - text


It's good you have a pretty face
'Cause lipstick makes my stomach ache
We could float to outer space
Before a bomb destroys this place

Well how could you ever be sure
That you won't start a war?
What could they be fighting for?
Perhaps who needs you more

Well it's not hard too see
That everyone's a jerk but me

Well it takes a lot of faith
To do what you do each day
'We'll find a place' [?] they say
And take whatever comes our way

I think she deserves to know
The whole world's gonna blow
I think she deserves to know
Everything must explode, yeah

Well it's not hard to see
That everyone's a jerk but me
They are

Text přidala Christieeel

Video přidala Christieeel

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