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The Conscious Observer - text

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I am the conscious observer
Left to revel and never be released
(I am the conscious observer, and i will watch you suffer)
I'm just a fabric amongst the stars
Purposed for a voyage into endless dust
Bedlam will continue, innocence lost
I see it clearly now
Your kingdom was upside down
I am the conscious observer
And I will watch them suffer
Staring with a grin on my face as you fucking beg
I'll watch you burn
Gaze in my eyes as I watch you burn
As I watch your fabric graze by the sun
The realization came to me, that you were temporary
To cut the head the head off the snake
Is to purge and let remain
The stars aligned from the very first time
You felt the pressure build
That's when your fear came rushing in
I understand your guilt and shame
But the only constant that remains, is change
I'll watch you burn
Gaze in my eyes as I watch you burn

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