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My outstretched fingers reach for redemption as I fall
into the ocean of hordes.
In black I sink submerged
(In) sorrow, (I'm) drowning
Divided by depths, In vein I take my final breath.
Into the crashing black
The abyss beckons my flesh, below it's ashing violence
I've lost control.

My outstretched fingers reach with futility.
As I sink deeper in this abyss.
Sink, sink
I'll sing this ocean to sleep.

I lay amongst the dread of serpents
I send a frail kiss to the surface
As my lungs waste away.
The depths of burdens quelled beneath her wake
Oh I fear I've come undone.
Crucify me for what I've become
How could this come to be?
Forsaken in my decaying form.
I'll drown, erase you.

Darkened by your disease
I place this cure upon your crumbling soul.

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