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PMRC (The Greenball Crew) - text


What's the matter with kids today There so much trouble let's take that noise away Or that's what Helms' would say when he sees the kids aren't acting the "right" way Helms looks at the music but that's not the problem If a kid can't handle a 2Live Crew song song It's because society's in the wrong Is the no solution They keep kids in a strong hold illusion "explicit lyric" to you maybe truth to me but it's the the enemy of the world around me An old man is cussin' and stompin' at the way we live and the way we try to do our best in our world nut he doesn't ask why Bullshit censorship mother fucker you tell me what not to say No fucking way they hear rap or metal they're in a panic if their kid doesn'r hear it he's still fucking manic Censorship won't make him or her any better A constricted kid will always be a fucking bed-wetter Bullshit

Text přidal LRyuzaki

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