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I know I'm not a bad guy when I try to do what's right
Everyone who comes to me, don't understand or see my plight
Everything I've ever done, all the plans I've had in sight
Always missed and gone wrong in a way until I gave up and said alright
Alright [x2]

Let me alone cause no one wants to be
Hanging around with someone messing up like me
I guess my way isn't good enough
When I try I just keep on wrecking stuff

It seems everybody knows but me
How to go, what to do, and where to be
Everywhere I go they all talk the same
They don't even have to try, they make me feel so lame
So lame [x2]

Friends and jobs have come and gone
No matter what I do, it goes on and on
I wonder if you sometimes feel this way
And do you lay awake at the end of the day

When I lose, every time I win, cuz no one will ever be
Messing up stuff and doing things wrong quite like me
No one will ever be like me
No one will ever be like me

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