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To pull back this ruined limb.
Devoid of purpose, for all intents ruined.
A time that stole this heart.
A yield of bone and flesh.
Empty seeds that grow into hollow shells with no fruit.
To fill a hole that can not be filled.
A time that stole this spine.
A yield of stone and ash.
Words that follow forms sedative and misleading
And a need for the need to believe.
A crushing need to be desired.
Full of fear of abandonment.
To give hope to a heart that can not know hope.
A yield of disappointments, and you are a liar.
Est mea vocorum vox daemoniorum
Vivos ango. Convoco pestem.
Noxa dissipo. Coniugo cruentes.
Sacrosanctum convomo. Mortuos laudo.
Gray dust piled and blown away to hill and plain.
May you find unease, diseased and weak offspring.
Retract at the sun"s glare. Retreat. Fall back.
Crippled wallower.
Years and years, upon wasted years.
Upon sundered seas and darkling stars.
No cairn of stone, no circle of spear.
A wash in dead technologies.
Waters clogged with branch and ash.
Atop the crest of an epoch.
There, eyes with bitter tears, alone stand
I unsatisfied with a lack of proof of your demise.
Repayment in kind I demand. A just finality I deserve.

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