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She was standing on the corner in her stockings, in her high heel shoes,
I said "Hello Baby" She said who d' you think you're talking to,
Now you got money in your pocket since you're running round in the street,
But you're a young and handsome and you know I think you're kind of sweet
So I said Mama Mama won't you to tell me how to get next to you?

She said, you've got the bucks, I've got the blues...

I woke up the other morning and got a phone call from my friend,
He said it's downtown Willy, I said tell me Willy what's the thing,
He said I got something special here, you'd really really ought to try,
But the supply is gone when you next know the demand is really high,
So I said Willy Willy won't you tell me what you want me to do ?

He said, you've got the bucks, I've got the blues...

I'll put a band together just to try to satisfy my soul,
I'm gonna play a little bebop and some boogie and some Rock'n'Roll,
I'll put a tape together just to try to catch the heart-j
I told him no joke clown, I got some music that you just got to hear,
He said play it for me son, you know I'm always looking out for something new,

Yeah, I got the bucks, if you got the blues.

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