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Draw The Line - text


I've been staring out the window
I've been waiting by the phone
I've been worried, ‘cause you said you'd be straight home

You’ve been given many chances
Far to many times
Honey, this is where I draw the line

‘Cause I'm always looking over my shoulder
Just to see if you're committing a crime
This poor heart of mine has never been colder
This is where I draw the line

Everybody's talking
And I tell them everything is fine
That all is fame and glory
All the time

But all this false pretending
Keeps sending shivers down my spine
Darling, this is where I draw the line

Gonna throw the towel down and surrender
Because I'm about to loose my mind
‘Cause I know your not a first offender
This is where I draw the line

Text přidala Lemurek27

Video přidala Lemurek27

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