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Love Is Now - text


I guess you've heard it all before
The broken heart of folklore
How it could have been so much more
Than nothing
So with nothing I begin
But it's not the same my friend
This is now and not again
I never really cried before
My tears were all in vain
I lived like this for years
Until your winds came
And blew me away

You let me in, I let you out
You took me away, there went my heart
I let it go, there was no other way
So love is now, hear me out
I've nothing left to say
But my love is now forever
I never told a soul before
My life felt like a war
But what was all the fighting for
And tomorrow I confide
From your eyes I cannot hide
While you sit, watch me cry

Text přidal DevilDan

Video přidal DevilDan

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