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You are a lady now - text


It doesn't matter who you are, we're all trying to get on,
averyone in his own way, from the day that we are borne,
singles for that ballroom queen that I heard about,
who gets the best of the clientele and lets them make her out.
Well it's alright baby, you changed your life and how,
you used to be a honky tonk sister, but you're a lady now
It seemed like love at first sight, I was completely mesmerised,
when she turned 'round in that bar, there was fire in her eyes,
thought my search was over now, found that special girl at last,
so I took her home with me, I like the lady's class
(Chorus & solo)
I had all my tomorrows planned, but how long can it be,
inside we're all honky tonks as far as I can see,
I woke up but she was gone, too late I realised
that the lady used me as a stepping stone as she reached for the sky.

Text přidala Maribel

Video přidala Maribel

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