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Night comes early - text


Try to find an empty seat up at the front
to take a chance on a loaded dice
and if you they will remember you cause
they know once is nothing when you need it twice
Take care of desire, beware of the bad nights
make sure that you feel alright because
night comes early when you're lonely
When you said you wanted aces and eights
you added fire to the joker's curse
you volunteered to return for more
well he's got you now for better of for worse
Doing time on your own, can't see where you're goin'
your precious fantasy still leves you lonely
In the night, do you wait for the time to pass?
in the night, do you make love to your looking glass?
Night come early when you're lonely
night comes early when you are alone

Text přidala Maribel

Video přidala Maribel

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