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There's a Place - text

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There's a place
Somewhere that's between dream and awake
That's where we'll find each other
And I know that that sounds stupid
It'll give us both something to find

When we were kids
All run-and-gun and back-talk kinda kids
We'd get drunk out on the sidewalk and we'd laugh ourselves home
Used to do that kinda shit all the time
And what I fight today
I always keep those yesterdays in my mind

All I want, wanted
Was to be want, wanted by you

Cause when goodbyes
Get easy, we’ll all be alone
But why God, why?
Can’t this one just be even though
That I’m gearing up for this battle
Even if I know that I may never win
When you throw yourself away
Just to throw yourself away again

All I want, wanted
Was to be want, wanted by you
All I need, I needed
Was to be need, needed by you

In your heart, that's where I'll always be
Now close your eyes and I will never leave
It's funny how I see us hand in hand
I miss you already, understand
That I know that you aren't ready
But you don't get to pick the day
That the worst one in your life will land right on
I can hear you beg for more
I can hold you in this song

All I want, wanted
Was to be want, wanted by you
By you, by you, and honey
All I need, all I needed
Yeah, was to be, just to be needed by you

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