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Dirty and Dangerous - text


And here she comes,
the one you've wanted so bad,
but she just used you
and then left you for dead.
She now walks to you,
hot and sexy as hell,
oh now she wants you,
from that look you can tell.

You can't stop thinking 'bout how tables have turned.
Back then you'd kill for her, but guess who got hurt.
Your hottest nightmare has returned.

Dirty and dangerous.

Here she is now,
wearing just that what you like,
keeps flirting, gives you shots
and her naughty smile.
Then she's all over you,
so sure you will go,
but you know better now,
so just tell her No.

'Cause you still remember when you had it bad.
She just made fun of you, was mean and never cared.
Your hottest nightmare is now back.


Dirty and Dangerous (12×)

Text přidal Koda818

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