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Son of the South - text


Jane had a bottle of pills
She kept beside her bed
She took a couple when the sky came falling down
"What do you see in me"
She used to say out loud
I see myself in a year
If I'm still around
And I don't feed the doll no no

Jane used to touch herself to make it go away
The loneliness that would follow her all around
And hold her pretty hand
And wanna be her friend
And hold the ceiling when the sky came falling down

I don't really need you
But since you're here
Tell me all about yourself my dear
Are you queer?
Tell about it, tell about it
Tell about it, tell about it, tell about it

What happened to your wrists
Do you need some help
I can't be checking on you like this all the time
You want some help then bleed somebody else
You know you ain't gonna be mine

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