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Arabian Heights - text


Seek thy fear
All come down

Don't be deceived
Be not blind
All fall down
Under the weight of the world

I'll see you as
You come a little bit closer
A silhouette
Of what you don't wanna know

My desire
Make no sound
And we'll escape in each other

Throw a spider on the corner of the dance floor
And a body on the sister with her head down
If it's quiet on the corner give em three part harmony

But don't you come when the come for me
Cause they'll sit you down
And wanna know what you know

Then you'll swing on a string
If it breaks then you might feel better
Let the night decide
If you remain in this world

Taste your fear
They rely
On volunteers

Don't you come when they come for me
Get around it, love
Don't let em know what you know

Love is a lie
Like a hole in the sky
Then you die

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