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Seeing God (Feat. Aaron Heard of Jesus Piece .. - text

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Children of the cloven hoof; bathe the cross in your father’s blood
Unholy priestess deliver us
Glory from a poisoned mouth
Formed underneath the earth. Prisoner of purified dirt
It grows. Try to hide your terror, but it shows
The blood solidifies. The plants and animals die. This ground is cursed
Spreading for miles under the earth
No shelter from the fury. The end of all things
Inevitable. Indomitable
Seeing god
We didn’t sell our souls we gave them up for free
We fear the dark, but it's the light that exposes the true horrors of this world
Catch your breath. Clutch your chest
Catch your breath. Drop fucking dead
Gazing into nothing we finally may see the truth
Where do your loyalties lie?
This version of the world exists out of spite

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