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All paths follow the beam
They keep dying but I'm still here.
All I want to hear is dirt hitting the box
I don't need this, you have become a health risk.
Listen for the moan, better to travel alone.
I don't need this, you have become a health risk.
I was born on the battlefield, born into death beneath the wheel.
Sirens and screams were my lullabies,
I never had the time to learn how to cry
The good times are behind us, if they were ever good at all.
The future will not find us,
You failed me
I failed us all
Sorry is not going to pay the rent.
I wanna hear you say it
I wanna see your life sprayed across the walls.
Life is the slowest way to die.
I lost you because I wanted to and they will never end up finding you.
And if they do, they won't know it's you.
Eat it alive. Bury the living. Burn the dead.
As we live, we are surrounded by death. Blinded by the idea, that it's all that's left.
True life ends, when we emerge from the womb.
All clarity comes, and is placed in your tomb.

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Death Is The Only Mortal

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