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We circle as you walk the line.
No need to beg.
This isn't the time, did you scream, did you whine, did you cry?
Did you pray as they pulled out your fucking eyes?
We finish what you're afraid to.
We are above you.
Tell me what's on your mind.
The madness/ the lying.
We eat what we find.
The dead/ the dying.
You have been warned.
We will swarm.
There is nothing on earth like the eye of the storm.
Beware the swarm.
As we feast upon the rot.
Alone in the distance; we rest on the rocks.
Please die. We cannot eat if you're still alive.
Blood in the sand.
We are forgotten.
The cycle continues until there is nothing.
Blood in the sand.
We are above you.
This is just proof that nobody loved you.
Apologies are more than saying sorry.
Nothing will grow around what's left of your body.
There is a hole in the clouds.
Nose attuned to the scent of burning flesh.
You will never see doomsday.
You will never see the end.

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