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Upon Haunted Battlefields - text


Darkness dwells inside my head
I was not aware back then
so I couldn't know

As they fell into my arms
Their blood it left me deep scars

Cold bodies lay upon green fields
where once children played
A demon overtook my mind
spreading destruction and grief
I can see a child alone
screaming in her burning home
I wish I'd died then long ago
'cause I'm still trapped upon these fields

By light of dawn a thousand men in arms
wait their leader's call
And if we stand and they do fall
what will we know better then

As they fell into my arms
Their blood it left me deep scars
And as they ran for their lives
My blade did silence their cry
but their souls haunt me now...

And as my spirit slowly rises into the sky
I see my life and it fills my whole mind

I have lived deep down in the shadows
all these years
The war was something
I could never forget ,
For things I did commit (their faces I see)
My soul burns eternally...

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