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Cursed in the Past - text


One time he did not know the tales ahead the war awaiting
His eyes were full of life and his thirsty heart felt only yearning
He walked home through the forest, wasn't aware of losing it all
that all he cherished and stood for were to be soon behind..

..And so it rose the seventh moon and silent was the land
then wardrums echoed far from villages out of sight
And so bright was his sword that sought its voice, waiting for battle
the great war that would seal his fate and slay his dreams

And so there was the battle, moon descended and rose again
Trees were burning next to him but still he did not feel the heat
His sword laid on the ground as he walked towards the flames...

And so daylight struck the land not so silent anymore
The wardrums pounding rose in villages, in the night
And there lied his blood-stained blade with body all covered in blood
The signs of battle that sealed his fate, vanquished his soul.

”Swallow your defeat and walk among the stars
Wander through the altar of past, there you shall witness it all"

"But don't fall into memories, you can't have them back
Out of sight, out of mind they say
Still forgetting cannot prevent that which must be
..A Stain in your mind you can't wash away..”

There he stood unknowing where the path would lead
He didn't grieve as he sat upon his grave
The familiar face crying kneeled next to him
He realised this land was his no more..

Once it rose the seventh moon and silent was the land
Screams still echo far from villages out of sight
And so cruel were his deeds in battle once upon a time
In battle that did seal his fate and slew his dreams

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