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Hereafter Path - text


In her face a breezy smile was found
As the morning smiling to the moon.
The sun drawn noble ramifications
On the mutual textured skin.
Between their lips the warm saliva,
The clear dew and the drunkenness of fate,
Collapsing the orphan man's cry.
From any sheet making a tent,
Hiding the same smile in the dark;
From the fear his friend
And from the night, randomly, as a brother.
Laid, appeasing the mind,
Both now fit as one
Diving in the earth for the end of the world.
End of mute words and of dread echoes,
Of everything senseless.
Perfect: this end.

Different worlds and colours I've recognised on the different faces of everyday and in others aware of the same.
To each mimic silence, I equally exist.

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