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Preachers tell you what to believe, parents tell you how to behave
Teachers teach you maths and science, they tell you how to live your life
But look at what they've made of their lives, how can they tell us what's wrong or what's right...
If they had used their fucking minds, life on earth would be just fine
Scientists invent new weapons instead of cures for diseases,
all for the sake of our precious country,
Preachers on TV steal your money and your soul, all in the name of Christ...
Now your parents are divorced, your teacher's in a sanitarium,
your TV-set is broken so there are no teachers on the screen;
Grab this chance with your both hands, live your life the way you want
cause you're the only one who knows what's wrong or right for you

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Emerging from the Netherworlds

Thanatos texty

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