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In Praise Of Lust - text


We're gathered here tonight, to praise the Queen of Lust
To eat the fruits of passion, to live out our desires
Let the orgy of lust begin, no holds barred; there's seed to gain
Sluts and whores-forget those names; we're servants of Lilith-we're all the same
As insanity takes control of our untempered minds and souls
Standards and morals are thrown overboard; no taboo is left untouched
Bathing in a sea of lust, a river of blood, slime and sperm,
The orgy reaches it's final stage; the climax is near as they speed up the pace

Orgasmic holocaust, post-orgical remains
Bodies are shattered, but the testicles remain
The seed of life is collected by Lilith's loyal slaves
To form a race of superstuds and bitches without names

Forever forced to serve the lust of one another
Forever forced to fuck the shit out of eachother
What at first seemed close to heaven, turned out to be your hell
As a servant of Queen Lilith forever you shall dwell...

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