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Impostors' Infiltration - text


Polluting our minds with their wicked lies
From the day you are born till the day you die
Intimidation, internal deceit Indoctrination, ignore what they preach
Are you sure they can't be wrong
Gods, masters, leaders, the so-called chosen ones

Infiltration of the damned: rotting away standards of life
They live by violence, torment and pain, wasting our money, destroying our lives
No civilisation , it's only deceit;
Under the cloak of a successful businessman you'll find a cruel monster,
Only fools worship him,
He's the vomit of his mother's womb, consideration, death and deceit

Impostors'Infiltration-poison of life
Impostors'Infiltration-for power you strive
Once you're involved you never escape from the grip of the syndicate
It's too late, next time it will be your fate

Text přidal atblatex

Video přidala Luciferka88

Emerging from the Netherworlds

Thanatos texty

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