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This is DJ easy dick and this is the
Golden shower hour early in the morning
Wake your goat mouth ass up
This is 187.4 fm on your dial and we flipping it just like this
For all you motherfuckin' real Gs out there
Come with the real shit, 187.4 fm on your dial

Until the tick tock, yeah, don't stop
Until the beep beep and you don't freeze
Aye check it out baby, bubber in the place to be
My name is Snoop

The one they wanna see so um
Blaze up the bud and break out the champagne
'Cause we rollin' in the fast lane, trying to find the right lane
Doing it just like players, laying down laws
Governors mayors [Incomprehensible] to stay up on top of things

There's something 'bout being in tha Dogg Pound gang
That makes me wanna have some type of hustling life
If being wrong is wrong, I can't be right

Despite all the madness you're hitting on Daz
Stealing rhymes with super duper scenes to get you paid
But you played yourself 'cause you can't play me
I see through you but you can't see me

He's been watching you, he's so smooth
Longbeach is on the move
He's been watching you, he's so smooth
Longbeach is on the move

Now I'm a bonafide microphone technician with styles
I came to storm on these emcees like electrical clouds
See me now, I'll go killing like Micky Mal
Down to trip and emptyclips infermanently examine

Our position, competition to strip and dismantle
Light 'em up like candle stick but don't stick to prevandal
Vandalize, I ran from anim cs to freeze
To reguarantee the temperature decrease degrees

Bows and stiff [Incomprehensible]
[Incomprehensible] keeps me in control
Never fold I score like order and oughta
Let these hoochies, I sorta sometimes get in shorter

It sort of limits ya but to me the sky's the limits ya
No, I diminish ya to dust takes spinister
Bust one rhyme, it's like a voodoo hex
Connect complex styles my vast hi tech flex

'Cause [Incomprehensible]
And if she like me ooze in their like swim wear
Don't despise me 'cause a lot of hoe like me
Mashing them Nikes out of see niggas on TV

This nigga Daz, now I've got one question, nigga
How does it feel? Check your game
But I ain't even saying no name
Proclaimed lyricist dissing us for fortune and fame

Did I do something to you, did we sold your hoes?
'Cause you're on TV rapping like you knew me
You know me but you don't really know me
That mothafuckin' nigga from the DPG
The K U R U P T, I'm too smooth

He's been watching you, he's so smooth
Dogg Pound is on the move
He's been watching you, he's so smooth
Dogg Pound is on the move


I know that's right, Real Smooth here on 187.4 fm, on your dial
The station that's playing platinum hits, baby, that's keeping
You coming and I'm the DJ with the fatest sack DJ E A Z
Look between my legs and you'll know why
On that station that's sockin' some soul to your ass
W Balls, fade 'em off and now we gonna take some callers

I wanna dedicate this one to my girl Cheryl
Out their man with a fat ass
Bitch, yo, this is Barry White, you're the Dogg Pound
You'll mothafuckers sounding good
Keep doing what you're doing, you're players

I'm Kevin Slo Jammin James from 92.3 the beat
Man, this shit is so smooth
I'm switching up, get me an application
I wanna work for W Balls

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Dogg Food

Tha Dogg Pound texty

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