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The Shine Of The Unknown - text


Far away exists a bewitched land
where all seems to be unreal
once I crossed the wide abyss
took the flight to the unknown

Down this tunnel I can see the light
in the end all is peace and calm...

Now i know there's something else...
I'm here roaming like a castaway

First thing you may feel is that you're dreaming
but suddenly you hardly realise that's not correct
deep down you are awake
and you hear your speedy heart beats
Am I daying or does it mean I must leave this place?


That's what humans believe...

I love being so far away...

Down this tunnel I can see the light
in the end all is peace and calm...

Stop, you're still on time to think
what you prefer to live
all you can see is fuckin' real
it's up to you now

How i could explain what I feel inside,
as all my words will vanish in the end of time,
I believe... in the power of the beyond,
as in this land the sorrow seems to be alone

There's only one way to go away
just concentrate your soul
take tight my hands and think
it's happening now

In case you want to go, you have to desire it
from the bottom of your soul
no one can help you anymore
you decide if your adventure has a good end
or if you prefer... to remain in the beyond

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