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Storm Warning - text


In pain there's a lesson
In blood there's a slithering form travelling
Through the veins, through the body, amending
Burnt skin and broken bones
Don't deny it: we're all snakes at first, and then we change again

We are the strangers of today
Reach out, forever in the dark

In pain there's a moment in blood there's a final story written
So the better you make me
I'm less man and more machine
Engaged in guessing, I'm lost for words
I'm never gone
Reach out for the serpent

We are the strangers of today
Wait out for the serpent
Washing the dirt of ages away
Reach out for the serpent

Ask yourself: is this worth a reversed evolution?
We're acting like a tidal wave
Crushing all that oppose us
Higher (3x)
Face the final legendary
Terminal new world disorder
Pain has hypnotizing voice and it calls your name
Higher (3x)

So you want steady, you're gonna get steady
So you want unsteady, you're gonna get unsteady

Look away
Eyes turn black, it's raining now
It's angry now, clawing its way out
And then i shove the sun onto the light
The silence comes
My freedom comes from inside

Tension relieved

A shadow light into the sun
The sun has come
Wait out for the serpent
And I shove the sun onto the light
My freedom comes from inside

And i save myself from you
Rescue me now
And you'll find your way back home
To find what you look for

Nothing, I said nothing
I guess I've always been stuck on the wrong side
Snakehead, you can't see me
Wherever i go, you go along
Break it, I said break it
Destruction will bring something new to the spectrum
Poison, suck the poison
Wherever you go, I go along

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