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Oceans Collide - text


These mystifying thoughts - Obstructing the objective
Enclosing on the light - Trying to tlee
From it's opposite

When walls are collapsing - Earth is convulsing
Skies are falling - And oceans collide

Reality, phasing in and out

Foundations that crumble - The ground is eroding
Asphyxiating air - And oceans collide

Desperately searching - For answers to unravel
This tormenting - Disputed point

Avoiding debris - Escaping the substance
Nomadically wandering on the
boulevard of ruptured chimeras
Stumbling on a crooked paving stone
Resembling the perjury - Withholding to take measures
In the right direction

While everything upon us is raging before the eyes
We can't acknowledge where it is
Where we should reside

Keep moving - Stay focussed - Look forward
If push comes to shove we'll be turning the tides

Carrying the weight - Lifting the shades trying to face
A conscious state, phasing in and out
A fierce but effective approach

Subconsciously grasping

Any shape or form which opens up my universe
While standing in potentially unexplored territory

Stumbling on a crooked pining stone
Resembling the perjury
Withholding m take measures in the right direction

Subconsciously grasping the pieces
that will forge into
The universe I'm standing in today

Subconsciously grasping

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