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Messengers - text


Here i wander aimlessly
Divided like a restless sea
I remember
Sifting through the boiling sand
Looking for a shaken hand

Wading through the mire
But never find what they desire

Hear my voice calling

A butterfly caught
Invisible wall
Keep away from light
I'm speechless
I'm fearless
I keep myself from running low on air

I'm a passenger
I'm just passing by

Walk with me

I'm a passenger
I'm not supposed to be here
Roads in one direction
All lead to where I'll be

Here I wonder endlessly
A story told uneasily

I remember
Smell the scent of every season
How dark they might be
This ol' monster has its reasons
I am finally free

Stay with me now
See what you have done, creator
There's no great escape
Still hunger
I'm forsaken
I turn to the messengers
The messengers

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