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Drawing Crazy Patterns - text

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It's like he's sleeping now
He got married in a rush
8 months on and summer's gone
He finds it hard to adjust
He's feeling younger now
Younger than he was before he wishes he had changed his mind
Old mistakes they seem so small
And if he had to be you
Then he'd get out and do the things he's always wanted
Standing outside like a joker on a hill
He's drawing crazy patterns with his shoes
Some people push by
And everyone is cursing them
But he doesn't raise his hand
He broke his dreams and lost a friend
He's asking questions now
Caught in his confusion
He shakes his head and looks at me
Then he shouts out loud
If you had to be me
Would you get out and do the things you always wanted
It's like he's sleeping now
When your'e gazing at the floor
And on this late night
It's getting harder now, harder now

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