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Thrash Till Deaf!
Thrash Till Deaf!

So as you motherfucking know
Attempt to go with the blow
Simple thing's holding your mind!

Piss on all the modern shit
Kill all emos, make'em bleed
The agression - all you need!

Do it in your genuine style
Don't believe forerunners count
Make it fucking D.I.Y.

Best medicine for your health
Is the smell of the oldschool breath
Till we die or till we’re deaf!

05' until now
Machine can't be stopped, so run!

Thrash Till Deaf!
Thrash Till Deaf!

The whole lesson isn't learnt
There is something more to serve
You will have to pull your weight

Listen to all of our tunes
We do not make them for fools
Thrash and mosh
And goddamn booze!

I know some people
True evil ones
Staring at fucking darkness

All of these homeboys
Write fairy tales
Underestimating local stages!

Do not play dumb!

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