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Terror Thrash Killing Machine - text


So, have you ever experienced a blast?!
Or even a solid kick in the face?
I’ll tell you the truth
Some have it all the time
Inhaling thrash, where the twin chimes!
Where every riff is inducing to act
Where bass as a knout grunts like a dirty beast
Unclogging veins, speeding up, adding gain
We are the doctors relieving your pain!

We are the doctors!
We are the doctors!
We are thrash doctors!
We are the doctors!
We are the doctors!
Thrash fucking doctors!

Terror Thrash Killing Machine!
Terror Thrash Machine!

It is your life, I don't care about your shit
But listen to the others, look about a bit
Money and status are nothing these days
When you don't have mates and the strength for this
We are the doctors relieving the pain
A manufacture, production of beats
Seasoned with scraping, the noise and steroids
We’re the brutal ones, the conquering asteroid!

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