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Nothing Else Fuckers - text


Beware of us, we are coming tonight
Close fucking doors, we're not giving a fuck
Stealing your car and raping your wife
killing yo’ dog, burying children alive!


Metal is only for those who’s got taste
Hectoliters of booze and toxic waste
It’s not a machine to make fucking dough
If you wanna do it, go to normal work!

First three cult albums we appreciate
Now you're retired, closing to the end
You shouldn’t be able to record any songs
Because you started sucking on "Justice For All"!


Nothing Else Fuckers!
Nothing Else Pricks!
Nothing Else Fuckers!
Nothing Else Pricks!

Hey Leader, chief – see? We do it faster
We even stole a riff from Puppet's Master
Your songs are covered by metal knights
Will you collect the money for the copyrights?

So we are ending our short reflection
I know it's too late, but we like giving lessons
If you are too old for playing fucking thrash
Get off the stage and cram yourself with cash!

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