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Nocturnal Emission - text


Nocturnal Emission!
Nocturnal Emission!

This chick is all right
On a party's night
You're looking at her
She saw you - no way!
She's coming to you
With a smile on her face
The phallus is rising
Following this gaze
Swallowing the spit
You're nervous, a bit!
Finishing the beer
You're saying "let's see!"
Without a "hello"
She’s taking control
You've never experienced
Putting it whole...

Let's go!
You will never have a chance to screw!
You will never have a chance to...!

The girl is so awesome
Devouring the whole monster
She's begging for action
Some hard fuck-reaction
But you wake up suddenly
Covered with sweat
You're snooping around
Being frightened a bit
You stumble on something
And hallucinate
Know the place from somewhere
You’re woozy, mate
It comes to your mind
It could have not happened
Cause you're in your bedroom
And you are the sucker!

Nocturnal Emission!
Nocturnal Emission!
Nocturnal Emission!
It was a fucking dream!

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