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Human Wreckage - text


Man, have you been a lambasted snot
Intimidated in the corporate world
Where only money and brown-nosing counts?
Welcome in a world with so many scams!

I hate it so much!
Leave it behind!
Don't live for working!
It ravens life!

The nursery of sickness
Breeding ground for anxious beasts
The statue built on falsehood
Everyday's dizziness abyss

I am on the way to quit now
Leaving all those rats behind
The big and ruthless business
Always prepared for the worst


All structures set to oppress
Legal slavery is on
Leading people to destruction
In accordance with the laws

The modern daily standards
Vicious circle - no return!
Depressed, living garbage
I was a walking human wreckage

The taste remains so bitter
Forcing thinking to revert
Standing hard fucking unbroken
Welcome back! Human wreckage!

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