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Give Me Back My Money - text


Unreasonably stupid
Is to make a fool of the squad
That remembers the beginning
We will always fight against

All the stupid motherfuckers
Trying to score something on us
You will meet our persistence
Cause fragile is your life!

Death before indignity
All thieves will be attacked
Give me back my money!
Give me back! ...or die!

There's no tomorrow!
No time to waste!
All thieves will suffer!
For being late!

So low to be misleading
I mean all of those excuses
Delaying tactics use
Conducting this abuse

Let's turn the things around now
I want you to feel like me
The anger busts your head up
Bring this shit back on your knees!

Give me back my money!
Give me back my money!
Give me back my money!
Give me back!

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