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Friends from the Gym - text


Gym! Gym is a fucking place, where you can hide!
Cause, you've got there lots of friends, so fucking tough!

At school, you've been the laughing stock for all these years
Now, you're trying terrorize with little help...

Of your friends! well pumped on steroids, stupid as fuck
Think! You're kind of a retard, you're fucking struck!


Crime! Crime is the kind of help for existence
You! You can not understand, maintain distance!

Eye! I can not understand to cover with necks
Dog! If you can't face the truth, just run away!

So when a motherfucker finds a pleasure in a kill
He tries to avoid punishment, his friends wite out a bill
And all of these connections are another one deception
The ending's near - all fucked up - principles violation!

As far as i live on this world, all is doomed to failure
Another body buried alive, another day in terror
I hate the sucker's ready tongue, I hate this fucking carry-on!
All smart ass guys makes me so sick, hiding behind barbarian!

Gym! Gym is a fucking place! Where you can hide
Cause, you've got there lots of friends so fucking tough

Mates! All pumped on steroids, ready to fight
You're sucking the dicks of your friends from gym!

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