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A small village on the Siberian plain
Here starts the phantasmal reign
Of darkness inebriated by
Human minds soon going to be tantalized

Born in savage eighteen sixty-nine
Living blind until his spiritual turn
All these years searching for the truth
Until becoming a prophet on the tsar’s court

Exploiting every situation craftily
Sneaking into the monarchy
Hoodwinking minds asking for God
Portraying majesty's beauty as a fraud

False prophet, soothsayer from hell
The incarnated evil under a spell

Homicide victim, stabbed to death
His everlasting might insulted the earth

I'm the evil monk
Heir to the throne
I'm the evil monk
I’ll slay your soul!

Killed in a brutal way, though he's planning to relapse
The resurrection will take place on a bloody mass
In an unexpected time, becoming a beast to the bone
Picking the eyes out, taking over the Soviet's throne

I'm the evil monk
Heir to the throne
I'm the evil monk
The devil's whore!

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