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Beerbong Party - text


[Trzeszcz – Thermit]
When night encases the town
We raise our beers!
Underground thrash wakes here up
Chilling out’s for us a big deal!

[Janek – Striking Beast]
Tomorrow’s work will wait
Going mad to bang my head!
Putting on my denim vest
Bullet belt and trucker hat

[Seba – Whorehouse]
All of the dudes from bands are coming
We are placing things on stage
Have a drink or take a hit, pal
Nothing can enrage us now!

[Dave – Intoxicated, Tester Gier, Raging Death]
Starting up the gig for masses
This is the way to break the ice
Moshing, diving into the crowd
Hardcore/punk, metal unite!

[Rumcajz – Rusted Brain]
Even though the club is not so large
We all enjoy what we get
There were times with nothing more
So we are not sophisticated

[Wojtas – Driller]
There's gonna be a great show
Having a party with old friends
This is our Thrashing Area
Nothing's missing, no regrets!

Unbroken – that’s us!
In doing what’s right
In old-school we trust
Till death do us part

The more we can do
Gets us straight to the truth
Never to follow the masses
Hit the thrashing paths!

We’re the working class
Where passion unites
Because birds of the feather
Flock together!

Party! Beerbong party!
Beerbong party!
A fucking blend!

We’re raising the skull
In the middle of the set
Spilling out all aggression
Drinking mad till the end

Our common ritual
Makes us supernatural
Filled with thrashing riffs
Blowing up snitcher’s ears!

Party! Beerbong party!
Beerbong party!
A fucking blend!
That’s right!

[Tymek – Ragehammer, Exmortum]
Almost midnight in the club
Last band played pissed as a newt
Some flying chairs, a total fray
Couldn’t stop the show this day

Move your ass off the stage
Help with gear or take a piss
It’s the sober roadie’s office
Not a catwalk between gigs

[Stafar – Tester Gier]
The floor’s full of hair and dirt
Wet from beer and other stuff
We are hitting the town right now
Picking up some girls, all right?

[Mila – Metaliator, Recon by Fire]
Do not leave us here you jerks
We’re the power in this gang
It’s the last time you’re cocksure
And the banging will be banned!

[Fabian – Brüdny Skürwiel]
All in this gig was a blast
Cannot wait until the next one!
Beating all and breaking glass
That’s the way of feeling free

[Sylwia – The No-Mads]
Still screwing tomorrow
Although feeling pain in the head
The hangover slowly comes
It’s the side effect and punishment!

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