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Falling into Wasteland
Riding cold winds of change
Nothing can prevent us from losing
Crawling to a painful way
you cannot see the end
Remember! We are learning to live
Await the story's end
We're looking forward for a better time
The waves keep coming against our ways
And grass looks greener on the other side
Seasons pass but our cry remains
They're leading us to fight and leading us to die
Tears falling from our eyes
Blood shed by our hearts.
In the wars of life we keep losing
Dreams are fading
History tells you a million of crimes
They're tearing our hearts. I wish I could die
Sorrow has taught us to await the sunrise
'Cause after all nights comes a dawn
Await the story's end
Why can't we see all these signs in life?
Desires changing into tragedies
Why do we keep walking on Earth like blind?
Open your eyes, you'll pay for your deeds

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