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Night In Goodville (Naked Version) - text


I’ve never felt so calm
You would never upset me, or do me any harm
I sense a lack of fear; ever since the day we moved here,
nothing frightens me at all

No one here falls in love; I fall asleep on someone’s arm
Nights in Goodville, are too quiet and too calm,
Winds don’t blow here

But I’ll never be untrue, I swore to never leave you and
I always keep my word and I never lose my way
There’s just one road for us to walk down,
Lets see how far it goes

I want to fall in love; I know you’re not the one,
But perhaps you could be, if loving you is hard,
Please don’t hate me, please don’t hate me

The current in this water, is not as rapid as the flood
Of love when it washes over
Once I saw it coming, I was afraid of letting go,
So I let it flow right past me

I think we fell in love, I think he was the one,
I hope you will be, but the nights here are so still,
Not a whisper in Goodville

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