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I Say No (Gotland Version) - text


Lately you’ve been bothered by your friends, we will disturb you to make you talk
again, we try to find the other side of you, the things you hide, what you don’t say

We say no, we won’t let you slip in between
We say no, we won’t let you squeeze right through

So we give you second chances easily, we wait for answers for hours and years but
the sadness in you eyes won’t go away, it becomes you in a strange kind of way

I wonder where you come from, where you’ve been, what you you gain if you win,
when my guess is right you break like glass and I wonder where your God was then

I say no…

Oh how sweet a girl like you can be, when she tries
You’re changing skin like I change clothes, you’re faking it well but it shows,

You say, lately I’ve been bothered by my friends, they need forgiveness, I need
therapy they say, I better lock up well before they come with their prayers and loaded
guns, better lock up well before they come, more than 10 years to ignore what they’re here for.

We say no…

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