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I can still remember the last time I saw your face.
I kept calling your name.
You just ran the other way.
What the hell's your problem?
You talk a lot of smack, spreading little rumors,
And talking behind my back.
Everybody knows, everybody knows,
Everybody knows, everybody knows!
You're just a little brat, you're living off your daddy's money.
You talk like you're all that.
Little rich girl go back home.
You brag and brag and brag.
Take your head out of your ass.
Because nobody here cares about anything you say.
Now you're digging my ex and you think that I am upset.
Just remember one thing I dumped him when he was a mess.
Whenever you kiss him, can't you taste me inside his mouth?
Do yourself a favor and move on with your life right now.
[Chorus x2]

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