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right now we're sittin' on top of tha' world (alright)
just me and you girl (girl)
everything is goin' our way (alright)
but I know there's gonna come a day
when you gonna meet somebody new (oh yeah)
he'll tell you that his love is true (oh yeah)
will you remember I'm your man
when he's holding your hand
and I love you so
and I, (I), I, (I), I gotta know

if his words are sweet and tender
will your heart surrender (i gotta know now - yeah right now)
if he bought you silks and lace
would he soon take my place (i gotta know now - yeah right now)
I'm not puttin' our love to a test (oh yeah)
I just wanna do what's best (oh yeah)
either you will or you won't
say you do or you don't
'cause I love you so and I, (I) I, (I), I've gotta know (baby)

(one more thing)

when I'm old and gray
will you love me the same way (i gotta know now - yeah right now)
when our chips are down
will you still be around (i gotta know now - yeah right now)
no need in carrying on (oh yeah)
if our love will soon be gone (oh yeah)
will you turn and go
knowing I need you so
tell me tha' truth
'cause I (I) I (I) I've gotta know

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