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Seven Torments Over Mediggo - text

The last dawn precede the last battle
The air is heavier and more unbreathable each time
Visions of extermination come to the minds
When the king of Magog rides again
The earth spits fire
Earthquakes and storms like the stroke of a whip
At last the eternal alliance is broken
And the four horsemen are marauding in the red sky
Seven angels over Megiddo
The seas fill with blood
The Sun is dying his light
I am the Lord of the plagues that come from the Abyss
Desecration of the patriarch’s graves
All nations sunken in ruins
They’ll roam in mourning
I wake up to the shadows raising the ram’s head
The stench of death enraptures me
They’re damned for eternity
The twilight of the prophets
precedes to the dawn of the Beast Age
A thousand slaves carrying black banners
With the emblem of the Adversary
One for each expired year
And the legions extend as the desert sand
The blood of the lamb stains their hands
The Virgin’s my throat
Down to the valley come the laments
Of the angels agony
Seven angels over Megiddo
Sulphur blizzard
The Moon immortalises the darkness
I am the Dragon that come from the sea
Seven angels over Megiddo
Seven trumpets for seven torments
Seven plagues for seven deaths
I will not be the anathema of the divine serpents
My sword will open the kingdom of Lucifer

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