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Let's go - text


Eep Op Ork Ah Ah
That means I love you if you clock dollas
Yes, ain't no stoppin' there
Let's go, let's go if you choppin' broccoli

[Verse One: Tech N9ne]
Let’s go
If your sittin' at home talking to him on the phone
And he a clone without no style of his own
You wishin' that you was gone, throwin' back up, patrone?
You ain't wrong because you’d rather be with me in the zone
Let’s go
Sorry, your lady has been taken
You can find us up at the M.O. with the flo' shakin'
And I ain't even the one that’s bringin' her home the bacon
You the one been talking bout kickin' my face in?
Let’s go
You can do whateva' you gonna
My rebel persona, that got me dressin' red as I wanna, ahead, ya' stronger
The problem is you dead as a coma
You sick of me, but I’m right here to put the medicine on ya
Let’s go
Got 'em all frightened of the titan
You mice men too light to get fights in with the bison
It's so exciting, my ben's reeled your wife in
I ruined your life when I produced a license

[Hook: Tech N9ne]
Let’s go
Coming through the doo', hella fast, never slow
Got the cash, and the pedal to the flo'
Let’s go'
If you wanna ride, let me know
We can slide on the low
Whatcha' standin' there fo'?
Let’s go
You can hate cause I’m dippin' witcha' mate
Out the gate, let’s roll, let’s bounce, let’s skate
Let’s go
To the room, let’s go to the lick
Let’s go, Your boyfriend ain't talkin' 'bout shit

[Verse Two: Kutt Calhoun]
Posted up, squatin' low like a pit
Ya' know this patron changed the whole motion of ya' shit
And I ain't gotta decide to proceed without a grip
So we can just do it movin' if it's all on the bitch
Let's go
They likin' the skinny jeans and the kicks
And jewly wells
But I ain't into pleasin' the trick
I'm in the top-less, porche's and keys to a six
So sit back and let the engine breathe a lil bit
Let's Go
But I'm highly in the hoochie holla area M.O.,
"Money over beezy's" got it from my uncle Larry though
Superstar to many without playin' on your radio
Addicted to Va-gina when she ain't around ve-nereal
Let's go
Kuttin, kutty, Calhoun is the scenario
Kansas City to Oakland
Folks them be like there he go
Tell 'em it's raider game
He's soakes it up every where he go
An give you a problem for deniro


[Verse Three: Mistah F.A.B]
Giddy up down, gotta skip town, girl is you ready to roll?
Well shit, let’s go. Hit that K.C. M.O. straight from the O'
I got that dro, sip that purp. we call it Bow
I hit that burb, and get that urge to knock down all your doors
Get in this car. I’m a star, you ain't noticed yet?
Look at these shoes, look at these jewels shinin on my neck
I spit that venom, then I send em in then remove her denim
And once I'm in em, then I bend em, not I can’t rememb'em
I stay persistent and consistent when it comes to pimpin
Your ho gets sentenced from when sin 'tis hit with no repentance
I go the distance when I hit it fuck like I'm demented
Positions switchin' positions shiftin' like I invented
The art of fuckin' suduction we goin tit for tat
And when she suckin I'm bustin I'm tryin to hit here tatt
They say her dude name, but really he's too lame
Fabby an tech n9ne you know that we are too strange


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