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You're My Star - text

Runnin out of time runnin out of options
Feelin that im gonna die feel my heart stoppin'
Skip a beat than another beat
Look at where am at i can taste the defeat as the chair gets kicked out from under my feet
Lay me down to sleep and i dont pray because every time i speak
Im reminded that i already sold my soul so there ain't no soul for the lord to keep
Im a failure
I can't even see a big house or benz
I see graves and hearses
Seein everybody that i once loved hurtin
Knowing everything that ive said ain't working

And I tried and tried and tried and tried
And I've bled i've sweat i've screamed i've cried
But one wanna stay now
But everybody got something to say now
I'm so tired of these same old games now
And I hate what life became now
I don't wanna leave
But I'm too scared to stay
And i don't wanna breathe
But im too scared to say

How I feel about everything
How I feel about life
It's a constant fight
Everybody say when you sad then they feel sad but ive been down my whole life
And everybody wanna say that they know how it feels but
The fact is everyone's different
Some people find help and saviors others grab their wrists and.. well you know the rest

Text přidala wendy1134

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