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Shove It (Metropolix mix) - text


What do you do?
I said what do you do?

You ain't wearing a tie, you ain't got a jacket
You can't come in 'cos you're in the wrong bracket
You can shove it, you can shove it, you can shove it

VIP's and royalty get treated like they're special see
But the trick is there for all to see
They're people just like you and me
You can shove it

Girls - we love it
Cars - we love it
More girls - we love it
And late night bars - we love it
Pool - we love it
School - fantasy
What do you do?
You can shove it

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
You gotta talk, act and dress right
If you ain't got money they treat you funny
When they say the class system's dead
If you think that's true better get a new head

You can shove it

War - it's a rage
Hate - never fades
Politicians - uncool
Blind dates - as a rule
(unknown lyric) - we're above it
Get set - you can shove it
What do you do?
Shove it

Yeah, yeah, yeah
You can shove it

So why do people scrape and fuss
When every man's the same as us
It's a joke on all humanity
It's a privilege
And we don't need it
War - you can shove it
Hate - you can shove it
Politicians - don't cut it
Blind dates - gonna shove it
Girl schools - we love 'em, yeah
Shove it
What do you do?

You can shove it
You can shove it
Shove it
Shove it
You can shove it
Shove it, shove it, shove it
Shove it, shove it, shove it

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